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Business Law

Los Angeles Business Attorney Serving Southern California

Our business attorney serving Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California in general, advises clients on their business operations. Initially, we advise on what form of entity the client’s business will operate. Our Los Angeles Business Lawyer then reviews with business experts and advises the client on the best structure that suits their needs, such as a LLC, or Corporation or any other applicable corporate structure.

We are here to guide business owners, from entrepreneurs to the experienced in the myriad of business law. From drafting legal documents to advising on regulation compliance, business attorneys are important to the success of any company.

Our Los Angeles business attorneys serve the business needs of our clients to establish long term business strategies and advise them as they develop their business as entrepreneurs, manage their business and operation as the business grows.

We offer a variety of business legal services that are tailored to the needs of established companies and entrepreneurs.

Our Business Attorneys also advise on:

  • Identification and Protection of Trademarks and Copyrights. Trademark and Copyright are ways in which businesses can protect themselves from the unwanted theft or use of original business ideas. Our Los Angeles trademark lawyer and copyright lawyer are experienced with copyright and trademark laws to protect your business’ intellectual property.
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance and Business Regulations. The many rules and regulations affecting California business may slip through the cracks if you do not have an experienced business lawyer that is working to support all your business decisions from a risk and legal standpoint. You can rest assured that we will assess risk to protect your reputation and guide you through changes in regulations so that you can focus on the profitability of your business.
  • Nondisclosure, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements and Other Contracts. All businesses require contracts with business partners, vendors and other third parties to ensure legal issues do not arise in the future. Our Los Angeles business contract attorney can draft the appropriate contracts involving your business, from NDAs, confidentiality agreements, etc. We are here to review and draft any contract for your business to ensure you stay protected. Our breach of contract attorney can also help if you have any contract disputes that you need resolved.
  • Litigation and Business Disputes. Our Los Angeles litigation lawyer and dispute lawyer represents businesses and their owners in a range of matters, including disputes, breach of contract, defamation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and partnership disputes.
  • Business Entity Formation. In California, there are numerous business entity structures that our business lawyers can form for your business. From limited liability company (LLC), to partnerships and corporations, our experts can analyze your business then advise you on legal and tax implications involved to ensure we help you select the best business structure suitable for your business.
  • Privacy Policies & Terms and Conditions. Businesses should have terms and conditions to protect the businesses’ product or service. Our California businesses lawyers provide well-drafted terms and conditions to prevent unauthorized use of products and also to minimize future disputes between parties.
  • Business Licenses. There are various licenses that businesses need to be avoid fines and penalties from federal, state, city or county authorities. Our business lawyers can assess your business and advise on which licenses are required to run your business successfully.

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